Caltec Site Cleaning Services

We offer site cleaning services to support your project completion as well as additional support for councils, universities, anywhere requiring any of the following services. If you are in an urgent situation, we also offer emergency callouts. 


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Road Sweeping

Road sweeping for construction, contractors and developers, councils, new build sites, car parks and standard maintenance. Emergency callout is also available. We also have expertise and equipment to deal with less conventional and smaller spaces.

Drainage Services

We recognise the importance of acting fast and efficiently when it comes to drainage services. If you have blockages or require pipework investigation, contact us today on 01952 259864.

High Pressure Jetting

Experts in cleaning pipe blockages, clearing blocked manholes and overflowing manholes. We also have equipment for cleaning gullies. We have a range of equipment for all situations.


Gathering information on your asset management pipework to highlight any issues. This is pre-emtive maintenance to protect your assets and includes extensive reports. 

Deep Cleaning

We can offer a cleaning service for your offices and sites, to help combat the present situation.

Our goal is to get the job done and achieve results that meet your needs as well as our high standards.

We aim to be the best cleaning company there is, and we are confident that we can attain that by continuously providing top-notch services. We provide a risk assessment and Cleaning Plan to ensure that we deliver the results that you need. To request a  free no obligation quote or a visit, please call  01952 259864.


Our staff are fully insured, police checked, reliable and trained to work on even the most challenging cleaning tasks.



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